Tutorials & Courses



These online classes teach you the basics for sculpting forms out of clay. They are the foundation to skillful knowledge of sculpting anatomy and compositional works of art. They are a bird's eye view of sculpting a chosen subject and form your ability to sculpt complex structures in clay.   

Courses & Seminars

These online classes bring you up close and teach you the many layers found in the anatomical subject. In the course you will learn how to draw anatomical plates and transfer the 2D drawing into a 3D clay sculpture. Some courses utilize color-coded clays to help identify different connective tissues throughout the musculoskeletal system.

What you learn...

  • Equine Osteology, Myology, and some Neurology
  • How to draw anatomical plates
  • How to build a single subject out of clay. 
  • Understanding sculptural composition and why it's important
  • Using drawing techniques to strengthen your sculpting skills
  • Sculpting the horse and human figure
  • Anatomical terms 
  • Building bone and muscle in clay
  • Sculpting connective tissues 
  • Discovering and building the anatomical layers
  • What master artists have to teach us

Material Kits

Sculpting kits are available to registered students. Kits range from $80 - $300 materials correlate with the course material being taught.  You will be promoted to purchase the appropriate kit during checkout. You also have the option to obtain your own materials using the PDF download available in the classroom after you subscribe.