Learn To Sculpt!

A great beginning for the green sculptor! You will learn strong observation skills, anatomy and composition while you transform the horse and human figures into clay. If you have the desire to sculpt horse.

In these courses you will build a strong foundation for sculpting any figure out of clay!


Course #1

Sculpting The Horse

A 9 lesson instructional video course on sculpting a horse in a standing position. 

This course teaches you the essential skills for sculpting a horse out of clay.  

Lessons cover...

  1. Tools and how to use them
  2. How to build a horse armature
  3. Bulking out
  4. Sculpting the chest & shoulders,
  5. Sculpting the head & neck
  6. Sculpting the haunches
  7. Sculpting the legs
  8. Sculpting the face
  9. Sculpting the hair


Get the skills you need to build a strong foundation and cut time in half when learning an artful skill such as sculpting. 

A to Z

Everything you need to know to be successful as a sculptor. You won't be wondering what comes next or how that was done... it's all here! 


Build your personal confidence as you build your skills. Courses give you more than just the steps 1,2,3 they give you the skills needed to accurately self assess and grow. 


Course #2

The Female Figure

An 8 lesson instructional video course on sculpting the figure in clay. 

This course teaches you the process of sculpting a female figure in a simple standing pose. Utilizing a reusable non-drying oil based clay you learn to sculpt over a proportionally correct armature while learning some basic human anatomy.

Lessons cover...

  1. The materials you need
  2. Master sculptors
  3. Relative proportions
  4. Building your own human armature
  5. Composition
  6. Sculpting the skeleton 
  7. Sculpting muscles 
  8. Finishing your sculpture 



What Materials Do I Need?

Click here for a list of materials for these classes

Your Subscription Includes...

  • Sculpting The Horse
    • Tools and how to use them
    • How to build a horse armature
    • Bulking out
    • Sculpting the chest & shoulders,
    • Sculpting the head & neck
    • Sculpting the haunches
    • Sculpting the legs
    • Sculpting the face
    • Sculpting the hair
  • Sculpting The Female Figure
    • The materials you need
    • Master sculptors
    • Relative proportions
    • Building your own human armature
    • Composition
    • Sculpting the skeleton 
    • Sculpting muscles 
    • Finishing your sculpture
  • Sculpture Kit
    • Two ready to use armatures
      • One horse armature
      • One human armature
    • Reusable oil based clay
    • A set of six metal sculpting tools 
    • A wooden base with an adjustable stand for the horse
    • A wooden base for the human figure.
  • Student Only FaceBook Group
    • Post Images/Video of your work for support and feedback
    • Get to know your fellow students
    • Access book resources 
    • Access art material resources
    • Access helpful templates and cheat sheets

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Start Building Your SCULPTING Skills Today!

You know you want to! 





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  • Sculpting The Horse FULL COURSE
  • Sculpting The Female Figure FULL COURSE
  • Student Only FaceBook Group on going support
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