My Mission

I am dedicated to providing high quality education for those interested in discovering beauty in nature. Utilizing accurately and well researched information my courses are formulated to assist in anatomy education of the horse and human body. Such a modality as sculpture helps us better understand the horse as well as our own bodies and how to care for them. Using classical methods of teaching sculpture my courses provide a process that can be applied to the sculpting of any subject. 


I am centered on bringing an outstanding experience of education to my students and those who work with me so that we may all extend the good will of positive change to the greater equestrian community in the lives of horses and people worldwide. 


My purpose is to guide and empower the student so that they may utilize the information they obtain about anatomy through sculpture in whichever profession they move in. With the building of the structures in a three dimensional format such as sculpture I am able to imprint upon the student’s mind the visuals needed to memorize, comprehend and apply anatomy on a daily basis. 


This empowers the student to make informed decisions about the wellbeing of their horses and themselves while improving their relationship along the way. I am centered on positive communication between people so that the message may be carried far and wide.


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