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I'm excited you are here! This means you want to start learning anatomy through sculpture. Well... you've come to the right place! Just scroll down and start learning from my free recourses. I'll probably periodically add to this page so remember to come back to check or follow me on Instagram and Facebook for announcements about new material. 

Here's A List Of Materials To Start With

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Join the drawing anatomy 

for sculpture course

 A private Facebook group  where you will study equine osteology, the study of bones. The course includes bony landmarks, skeletal function and structure. The method to learn this important structure of the body is through drawing anatomical plates. These drawings are free of artistic expression and personal interpretation.

We will use an "orthogonal" approach, free of perspective which causes distortion and confusion. This also simplifies the student's understanding of the anatomy. Allowing the student to progress faster with a clearer visual of the structures in question. 

Sculpting Equine Anatomy


A beginner’s guide to building the musculoskeletal structures out of clay. A guide for the equine professional to build and see the inner structures of the horse for improved long term health. 

Every horse person’s essential handbook.

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Armature eBook and Templets


You can use the templets to build your first armatures. The eBook will walk you through the steps of making different kinds of armatures and armature stands.


Armature Building Tutorial


In this tutorial I will walk you through my favorite way to make a couple of armatures. 


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