Bi-monthly anatomy nerd-out LIVE  

Go live two times per month with Deanna to sculpt the anatomy of the horse. Learn critical structures, and the anatomy sculpting process! Suited for the beginner in sculpting anatomy. 

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Learn Skull and Hoof Anatomy!

Get access to two anatomy courses sculpting the equine skull and sculpting the equine hoof. These courses are a great beginning for someone wanting to learn the anatomy of the horse through sculpture. 

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Sculpting The Female Figure

The course is more then a step by step tutorial. It provides the student with a firm foundation to build their own sculptures. This is because the course is structured using the classical methods of art education.

As you progress through the course you learn how to formulate and plan a composition which is carried through to the completion of the piece. In this process, you learn how to proportion accurately for a lifelike result in your clay.

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Sculpture Tutorials

A great beginning for the green sculptor! You will learn strong observation skills, anatomy and composition while you transform the horse and human figures into clay. 

In these courses you will build a strong foundation for sculpting any figure out of clay!

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