Nerd-out about Anatomy!

Go LIVE every Friday with Deanna to sculpt the anatomy of the horse.

Learn critical structures and the anatomy sculpting process! Suited for the beginner and intermediate in sculpting anatomy. 



Building the anatomical structures out of clay gives you the insight of real anatomy. The 3D format assists in memorizing the complex structures and their functions while improving your own sense of feel for working in the field with horses.


No more confusing images from books! Building the anatomy from the inside out will give you the confidence you need to apply this important information to your practice. 


Become empowered to share with your clients the importance of caring for the equine body and how the anatomical structures naturally work together to improve health and reduce injury.  



Weekly Anatomy Sculpting LIVE  

  • The beginning sculptor learns to produce a horse with accuracy free of the restraining details involved in dissection. This has many benefits for someone who wants to better understand the horse, how it's put together and how it moves. You will learn how joints move, how to see balance within the body, how to correct and work through mistakes, gain patients, understand the layers of the horse from skeleton to superficial muscle. Learn all of this in the Nerd-out about Anatomy courses! 
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What Materials Do I Need?

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"This is great! never can have too much knowledge."


"Very practical information taught to be easily understood so you can consider your horse’s physical and emotional needs with a clearer perspective"


"Thank you for sharing all this excellent info! Much appreciated."

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  • Go live every Friday with Deanna 
  • Sculpt the anatomy out of clay
  • Learn anatomical terms
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  •  30 Day money back guarantee


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