A place where people of all walks of life come to connect with the beauty of the natural world found through sculpture. 


I’m a lifetime sculptor, equestrian, wife, and mother. Yes, all of those things wrapped in one. And I love it! Life is beautiful and vibrant. My family feeds my excitement to create, share and be more every day. I’ll bet you are more than one thing too…

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Sculpting Equine

Anatomy eBook

A beginner’s guide to building the musculoskeletal structures out of clay. A guide for the equine professional to build and see the inner structures of the horse for improved long term health. 

Every horse person’s essential handbook.

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"Sculpture is the study of the beauty found in nature. We observe the subject in order to come to a closer understanding of the truth found before us so that we may render that beauty with accuracy and poise." 

Join the drawing anatomy 

for sculpture course

 A private Facebook group  where you will study equine osteology, the study of bones. The course includes bony landmarks, skeletal function and structure. The method to learn this important structure of the body is through drawing anatomical plates. These drawings are free of artistic expression and personal interpretation.

We will use an "orthogonal" approach, free of perspective which causes distortion and confusion. This also simplifies the student's understanding of the anatomy. Allowing the student to progress faster with a clearer visual of the structures in question. 

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"I would like to Thank you Deanna, for providing us with all this information and instruction you are giving us. You are generous with your time and knowledge. I very much appreciate you for doing this! Again, thank you so very much!!"

Sharon Burson Ebersold

"I'm really impressed by your posts and explanations"

Frances Hensby

"Love your photos on horse posture."


"The study model- its superb! "

KL Saddlery

"This is great! never can have too much knowledge"


"Thank you for sharing all this excellent info! Much appreciated."


"Very practical information taught to be easily understood so you can consider your horse’s physical and emotional needs with a clearer perspective"


"I reference many of your images in my teachings, students love them. They are so accurate, easy to digest and a real help. Far too many books overcomplicate anatomy and make it very difficult for people like myself to lecture on. Well done with you work, its a pleasure to see such a great quality. we pride ourselves on quality teaching and quality Therapists as unfortunately there are many substandard especially here in the UK. I just wanted to compliment your work! Best wishes"

Founder of the Equine Massage Academy, UK

"You did a really good curriculum, you laid it out to where it is very easy to follow, I mean I look at it and I can't believe I made that within a short period of time that we worked together!"


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